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Savvy organizing ideas for our busy lives!

When it comes to our busy lives, one thing that constantly plagues me is clutter around the house. I know busy families with young children have it MUCH worse! I remember the days of having three young children at home. I’d clean one room and 10 minutes later, we’d have to start all over again!

Now that David and I are empty nesters, we’re working even harder to “declutter” our home. From going through kids mementos from over the years, to simplifying our closets and making donations, it’s an ongoing (and seemingly, never-ending!) process. I’ve found some helpful organizing ideas and want to share some tips we can all use! 

Get organized for gift wrapping! CLICK HERE for a great plan!

Now’s the perfect time to declutter your Christmas storage space!

“The holidays are a great excuse to reorganize some of your storage space. Rethink what tools could make your holiday experience more enjoyable. It could be more closet space or a designated gift-wrapping area. When you pull your decorations out of storage, inspect them. Toss any broken ornaments and lights. Donate any decorations you no longer use. Declutter your holiday storage and then reorganize it to save space.” ~ Article: Organizing for Great Holidays

Looking for a way to organize your cleaning supplies? Here’s a great idea! Learn more HERE.

Feeling overwhelmed?
If you need the help of a professional organizer, I can offer recommendations. There are local professionals who can help get your storage spaces in order and make the best use of your living spaces. They also offer professional staging for home listings!

If you need help decorating, there are some very talented designers who can decorate your home, your tree and even provide the best shopping suggestions for everyone on your list! 

Organizing helps homes SELL!
Homes with ample storage space and clever organizing are attractive to buyers. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home, it will make you fall in love with your closets when they’re not JAM PACKED with too much clutter. 

Thinking about listing? Inventory is low, and there are buyers looking for new homes right now! December is a great time to list your home! If you’re wondering what your home could list for, let’s talk. Many homeowners wonder what improvements (including home organizing projects!) will interest potential buyers the most. To learn what’s worth fixing up, and what buyers are looking for now, I can come take a look at your home and offer suggestions.  

Call, text or email me your questions about our community and home selling (& buying!) 
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Don't miss out on the best Collierville events in December!

If you ask me what makes a Town truly special, I think of all the activities that make MEMORIES! Last week kicked off Christmas in Collierville, and the Tree Lighting Celebration was a big hit!

Families can enjoy so many activities in Collierville, and attending performances at the Harrell Theatre is a big part of that. If you love theater like I do, you can spend time helping the Collierville Arts Council (CAC). The CAC has such a fun, talented team, and I enjoy volunteering with such positive, uplifting people! I encourage anyone with an interest in theater to sign up to volunteer or donate to this wonderful nonprofit organization that brings so much joy to our community! While you may not have the time or talent to be an actor, there are tasks interested helpers can perform to make things run smoothly (working backstage, the lobby, will call, refreshments, taking tickets or handing out programs). Interested volunteers can email: or call Terry Dean at (901) 457-2780.

Top right photo: Two of our children, Andrew & Abby at the Square when they were little! Santa and Mrs. Claus last week on the square and bottom right image - pictured with Terry Dean, Executive Director, The Collierville Arts Council

“Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!”

My family LOVED “A Charlie Brown Christmas” when the kids were younger, and the CAC’s adaptation is outstanding! Tickets are on sale now! Click HERE to view showtimes and purchase. The show runs through this weekend. Friday, Dec. 8th and Saturday, Dec. 9th at 7 pm and Sunday, Dec. 10th at 2:30.

Additional Christmas in Collierville events: (CLICK - Full list)

When it comes to Christmas memories for our family, the Collierville Town Square holds a special place in our hearts! This time of year brings back such fond memories for all of us (and reminds us how fast time flies!)

Want to learn more about how you can get involved?

I would love to connect you with local non-profit organizations, community service events or Town of Collierville citizen volunteer opportunities that fit your interests! Whether you want to roll up your sleeves to work a few hours a month (or simply attend some of the special events offered!), I encourage you to find YOUR Collierville favorites!

When the children were young, it was such a beautiful thing to see the wonder of Christmas through their eyes. Now that our kids are grown, it’s rewarding to volunteer with the organizations that make our special events happen.

If you don't live in Collierville and want to enjoy all these wonderful events and be an active part of the community - I can help you! DECEMBER IS A GREAT TIME TO BUY A HOME!!

Call, text or email me your questions about our community and home buying (or selling!)

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The ultimate fall checklist every homeowner can use! 
Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of preventative maintenance. My husband, David, and I are working to prepare our home for winter, and I always pass along helpful advice to my clients preparing their homes to list. For those thinking about selling a home in the coming months, these tips are critical to avoid unwanted surprises!

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Economic Development Talk with John D. Duncan

Want to know what's going on with development in Collierville? 
On October 17th, I attended an excellent presentation by John D. Duncan, Director of Economic Development for the Town of Collierville: "Navigating the Competitive Waters of Economic Development." Topics covered: residential, retail, industrial and office development in our Town (including a discussion about the proposal to bring Amazon to our area!). Read more about new restaurants and businesses coming to Collierville here: 

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Top 10 mortgage tips for potential buyers

Home buyers need to do a lot of homework! When I work with new buyers, I always suggest they prepare EVERYTHING needed for a mortgage lender, so they can get their pre-approval letter quickly! Learn more HERE in my newsletter! Questions? Let’s talk! 901-674-0954

Real estate is a lot like a major theater production

There are so many players involved! If you’ve attended the theater and seen a play where the lighting is off, or the actors miss their cues or the music is not timed perfectly, it’s just a mess. You cringe watching it all fall apart. Just trying your best and hoping it all works out is not enough in front of a live audience and it’s certainly not enough when it comes to one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. Theater work and real estate both take expert planning, timing and practice to make it all come together perfectly. Consider all the players and action!

Coordinating Possession

Moving Companies



Bankers - Loan Officers

Repair and service work

It’s not easy making it LOOK easy, but when it works, there’s nothing more rewarding!  When the curtain falls, and the actors come out to applause and have tears of joy, that’s what I feel like at each closing. My clients and I are in this “big production” together, it’s one of the biggest moments of their lives. We’ve worked so hard on the journey to get to closing and it’s a huge moment! 

In all my experience, one closing stands out as the EPIC CLOSING OF ALL TIME. For me, that involved an amazing and complicated succession of events to make timing work out (4 clients + 4 agents + 4 real estate companies = 1 momentous closing date!)

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Maximizing the selling price of your home:

When it comes to listing your home for sale, it's critical to get the MOST out of your investment dollars. The best way to do that is selecting an agent with a high level of experience in negotiating to maximize the value of your home sale. Leveraging an agent's connections, unique knowledge, and track record of success will earn you a successful, smooth closing. The second way to boost your home’s value is by making smart home improvement choices. Whether you plan to list your home next month or next year, it’s wise to map out the best plan for getting it ready for market (and pick the best real estate sherpa for the journey!)

CLICK to read what to consider for realtor "Must Haves" (and where to invest your home improvement dollars for the best return!)

What you need to know about property condition disclosure & home inspections:

If you’re thinking about listing a home or buying a home, disclosure is more complicated and important than you may think. If buyers find unexpected problems, costly lawsuits could haunt a home sale years after closing.
There are so many critical questions you need to answer when listing a home. Have claims been filed? One of the biggest issues is water damage. If there’s been water intrusion and no mention of it in the seller’s disclosure, that’s a big problem!

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5 ways to avoid a closing fiasco!

Don’t go shopping for new furniture YET…

Many people think they’re in for smooth sailing once they’ve been approved by a mortgage lender. If you have the pre-approval letter in hand, keep in mind, you still need to focus on smart spending until closing is complete and you have your house key in hand!

Don’t start buying the new furniture for the house before closing! The lender will run ANOTHER credit check just before closing. 

Advice for homebuyers applying for mortgages:

1. Don't be late. 

2. Don't add to any existing credit card balances.

3. Don't apply for any new credit accounts.

4. Don't close unused accounts.

5. Don't dispute anything on your credit report.

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