1.  Neglecting necessary repairs prior to selling.

    You will lose money if your don't take care of repairs before the house goes on the market.  Deferred maintenance sends a RED FLAG up to a buyer and makes the offer lower.

2.  Refusing to remove your clutter and junk prior to listing.

    Let's face it, clutter and junk are just not good.

3.  Mispricing your home.

    Overpricing or underpricing your home is a huge money-losing mistake.  I can guide and explain the pricing process,  It's lots more than a gut feeling or what someone's house down the street sold for.  Your personal       needs cannot contribute to pricing. 

4.  Not setting the stage for the sale.

    You must create a showplace for prospective buyers. Buyers purchase with their hearts and not their heads, as least on first inspections!  Remember - you live in a home your are trying to sell much differently than         when you are not trying to sell!

5.  Letting your ego get in the way of negotiating.

    Too many sellers take negotiating personally and lose out on creating a win-win deal.  

6.  Neglecting to properly fill out the Tennessee Property Residential Disclosure.

    Reveal it all.  Ask me to be sure you are disclosing all the facts.  It can save you lots of headaches in the end.

 Make sure you sit down with me to address all issues of selling your home and pave the way for the smoothest, quickest sale possible.