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Leana Holcomb, Broker

Seller's Tips

When selling a house, there are many strategies and ideas to remember. While real estate agents play a large role in selling the house, it's ultimately the homeowner who determines the success in preparing the house for the market. Here are the top tips from John Green & Company Realtors when it comes to selling a house.

  1. Detach yourself. Too many homeowners stay attached to their homes during the selling process. This will make it difficult to view your house with an objective eye and see what needs improvement. It will also make it more emotionally challenging when the time to move and leave the house behind arrives.
  2. Prep like you would for a date. Once you can view your house with an objective eye and determine what needs to be repaired and updated, renovate your house like you would make yourself over for a date. Placing a house on the market it similar to dating. Every potential buyer who comes in through the doors is looking for a perfect match. Will your home leave a good first impression?
  3. Set the price reasonably. Many homeowners fail to sell their homes quickly because they are unrealistic when setting the price. Even if you've renovated your home, you must remain detached and determine a reasonable price that is in concurrence with market conditions and interest rates. You must remember that buying and selling homes is a bidding game. There are two forces fighting against each other, and the more reasonably you set the price, the more power you'll have in resisting over-the-top negotiations.
  4. Join the digital world. Technology has changed the way we do business. It's also changed the way we sell and buy houses. Don't be afraid to list your home online.
  5. Get a real estate agent. Ultimately, a real estate agent will be your number one ally in acquiring the money you deserve for your home. At John Green & Company Realtors, we have over 30 years of experience helping owners sell their homes. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of all parties involved.